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Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome is characterized by neck pain, blurry vision, stiff shoulders, headache and watery eyes when working in front of a computer screen.

The symptoms are typically due to posture, dry eyes, eye muscle coordination and poorly corrected vision.

Computer Prescription Glasses

Since computer monitors are typically 20 to 26 inches from your eyes, your regular glasses may not be the best option for computer work. This distance range is considered intermediate – closer than what you use to drive a car but farther away than what you use to read. Special lens designs for computer work provide you with a larger intermediate area for viewing the computer and your immediate work area like the top of your desk. Our doctors can help you determine if these special lenses are appropriate for you.

Blue Light Protection

It is important that patient’s wear the appropriate prescription while working on the computer for long periods of time. This includes the proper type of lenses to protect the ocular health. New studies have shown that people who work on the computer more than 4 hours a day should utilize glasses that block 50% of blue light wavelengths. Chronic exposure to blue light wavelengths between 445-465NM can not only cause computer vision syndrome, but greatly increase a person’s risk of developing macular degeneration. We offer several different technologies that offer this type of protection which include Transitions™ photochromic lenses, Eyezen™ enhanced single vision lenses and Crizal® Prevencia lenses.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye syndrome refers to a breakdown in the quantity or quality of tears to moisten, cleanse and protect the eyes. This is significant because, with each blink, tears protect the surface of the eye, washing away dust and microorganisms. When this protective coating dries up, the eyes may feel “gritty” or burn and can be more sensitive to light. In extreme cases, vision can be blurred.

Often, a person’s blink rate reduces while working on the computer for long periods of time which can lead to dryness. Our doctors are trained to treat dry eye to help improve your computer vision with several different therapies which include eye drops or punctal plugs. It is also important to follow the 20-20-20 rule; take a 20-second break to view something 20 feet away every 20 minutes.

Dr. Aleksandra Wianecka has the experience and equipment necessary to diagnose and often treat the eye conditions detailed above at our offices in Babylon, Valley Stream, and Huntington. For more information please schedule an appointment with your eye care provider, and we will be in touch with you shortly.